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02 January 2032 @ 08:56 pm
Welcome to my Sales Community~

+ This Community is where I shall be selling various K-pop related items.
+ I'm based in Singapore but can ship to basically anywhere as long as you're willing to pay for shipping.
+ I accept Bank Transfers (Singapore only) and Concealed Cash
+ Meetups will be at my convenience though I shall try to arrange something good for every party.
+ Please, Serious buyers only.
+ A list of standard shipping prices will be up soon ^^
+ All prices are in SGD ( Go Here to convert from SGD to your currency)

Order Form

Name/ LJ:
Mode of Payment:

Please fill out this order form and leave it in a comment on whatever page the item (s) you want are posted on.
If you would like more privacy, you could ask for my email or leave yours ^^